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The Vasant Oswal Voice Disorder Clinic was established at the Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune, India in January 2000 under the patronage of renowned ENT Laser surgeon Mr. Vasant Oswal, FRCS from Cleveland U.K.

The Voice Clinic was basically started for the care of voice professionals like singers, artists, teachers, doctors, lawyers and public servants, using the latest technical advances. This concept has now been extended to all people who have changed in voice as their main complaint. The patients range from those having vocal cord nodules, polyps, palsy, cancer, etc. more info ...


Recently my daughter was operated for nodules in her vocal chords at the voice clinic. Dr Gandhi is very competent professional knowledgeble and concerned doctor. We are happy over this entire experience from initial greeting to final.....Very Good

- Rano Dange/ Director of corlate.com
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