Fellowship in Laryngology

Dr Sachin Gandhi, MS (ENT) FRCS
Director, Department of Laryngology
Founder President, Laryngology & Voice Association
President, Indian Association of Laser Surgery and Medicine

Voice Clinic
Deenanath Mangeshkar Super Speciality Hospital,
Pune, India
Email- voiceclinic@gmail.com; voicelaser@dmhospital.org
Tel: +91 20 4915 3114
Mob: +94 9822040961 / +91 9595123008
Website: www.voicelaser.org / www.laryngologyvoiceassociation.com

The Overview: The Department of Laryngology

The department is a tertiary referral centre which draws its patient load from local, regional, national and international referrals. It is located in the newly built super-specialty wing of a 1000-bedded Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital.

The department enjoys a modern state-of-the-art hi-tech one-stop diagnostic facility for Voice, Airway and Swallowing disorders.

A team of Laryngologists and speech and voice therapists are attached to the department to undertake a full range of investigations and out-patient management.

The department has postgraduate students for higher surgical training in Laryngology, approved by the National Board of Examinations which confers the Diplomate of National Boards.

In addition, the department has two fellowship posts which are recognised as specialty training posts in Laryngology by the State University.

The Laryngology Fellowship Programme

The programme is designed to offer an intensive one-year training in laryngology at an advance level to enable the practitioner to pursue a career in laryngology. The programme comprises of supervised training in four main areas:

  • Diagnostic (Voice clinic, Swallowing clinic and Singers’ Clinic)
  • Speech and voice therapy,
  • Surgical procedures and Research & Education.

Specific aspects of the programme

The Voice Clinic encompasses several laryngologists at various clinical locations. Although named ‘Voice Clinic’ as a generic term, clinical activities cover the breadth of pathological and functional conditions in laryngology with emphasis on voice, swallowing, and airway disorders. The programme focuses on Diagnostic Endoscopic procedures in laryngology with experience in Office Based Procedures, Voice Analysis & Voice Therapy, Botox Clinic and Care of the Professional Voice users in a dedicated facility called ‘Singers’ Clinic’.

In addition to this the programme also includes the fellows to attend sessions in departments of anaesthesia, high dependency unit, GI unit, chest medicine, surgery and other allied specialities.

As the fellows gain experience and confidence in the management of laryngeal disorders, they metamorphose to assume a graded responsibility to undertake independent clinical and surgical caseload.


Fellows will be required to participate in resident training programme. They will be actively involved in laryngology courses and conferences organised by the department, and make educational presentations within the department. A mutually agreed research project will be allocated to complete within the given time frame. Scientific publications in peer reviewed journals will be encouraged.

The days of clinic may vary between various faculties but in general, the Fellowship Curriculum is divided into 12 sessions in a week, each of which is programmed as below:

Publication & Research

The Voice Clinic maintains an active database of investigations. Fellows will have an opportunity to take part in a robust experience in cooperation with the Division of Laryngology faculty. The laryngology fellows will participate actively in the research, and present their work at national meetings and publication of two original research papers in peer reviewed journals during the fellowship programme.


Applicants must have completed postgraduate training in Otolaryngology and hold a postgraduate qualification.

Application process

Application begins with a statement of interest to the programme director. Following initial screening, suitable applicants will be invited to apply. A CV, and two letters supporting the application should be submitted. The decision will be communicated to the applicant within two months of the application date. The fellowship programme commences in the month of August every year.


Three posts per year.

Completion Criteria

End of the term assessment evaluation is an integral part of the Fellowship Training. Assessment is scheduled at the end of fellowship training program. The evaluation assessment team will comprise of by two Senior Laryngologist from outside the centre, along with one faculty from Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital. It will consist of a written and an oral component.

The written assessment will be an essay type paper and/or multiple choice questionnaire.

Oral component will entail clinical examination and evaluation.

Evaluation process will also include fellows’ publication and research work during the period of attachment and their participation in academic activities. A review of ‘Log Book’ will be carried out, as a tool for self-evaluation process for the fellows to assess their performances.

This fellowship program aims that Fellows should leave this program with the confidence and skill to practice laryngology as a career anywhere at the highest level.

Financial & Other Benefits

The fellows will receive an honorarium of Rs 50000 (USD 710 approx.) per month during academic programme. They will also be provided with accommodation in residential quarters with in the hospital campus.

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