Center of Excellence for Compromised Airway Surgeries


The human airway extends from the nostrils to the bronchi. It constitutes the nose, nasopharynx, oropharynx, larynx, trachea and bronchi. The larynx is further subdivided into glottis, supra-glottis and sub-glottis. Any problem that compromises the airway can lead to respiratory issues. Some of these problems can be life threatening. Compromise of the airway from the larynx and below are relatively more dangerous and associated with higher mortality & morbidity. One of the more common compromises is in the form of laryngotracheal stenosis.

Compromised airway can occur in both adult as well as pediatric population. Some of the common causes in pediatric population are laryngomalacia, laryngeal webs, congenital sub-glottic stenosis, laryngeal clefts etc. Some of the more common causes in adults are laryngotracheal stenosis, bilateral vocal cord immobility and malignancies. A lot of patients of compromised airway need a tracheostomy bypass the obstruction. Maintaining a tracheostomy in a substantial physical as well as mental burden for the patient and relatives. Treatment of most of these procedures is surgical intervention. Surgeries can be single step procedure or may multiple procedure. These procedures are highly challenging and specialised surgeries and need dedicated centers. We have been seeing and treating patients of airway compromise since the last five years. However, a constant rise in the number of patient has made the inception of a dedicated airway center the need of the hour.


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The purpose of the center would be to manage all patients of airway compromise both pediatric and adult. The center will have a dedicated team of inhouse as well as visiting airway surgeons, intensivists and anesthetists.

The goal would be to provide patients with a disease free/ tracheostomy free life. The conditions that we intend to treat are -

Congenital Laryngotracheal anomalies (laryngomalacia, laryngotracheal clefts, cysts), acquired laryngotracheal stenosis, Bilateral Vocal cord immobilities.

The Team

Consultants from DMH

  • Dr. Sachin Gandhi
  • Dr. NilanjanBhowmick

Consultants from Laussane

  • Dr Kishore Sandu