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The Vasant Oswal Voice Disorder Clinic was established at the Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune, India in January 2000 under the patronage of renowned ENT Laser surgeon Mr. Vasant Oswal, FRCS from Cleveland U.K.

The Voice Clinic was basically started for the care of voice professionals like singers, artists, teachers, doctors, lawyers and public servants, using the latest technical advances. This concept has now been extended to all people who have change in voice as their main complaint. The patients range from those having vocal cord nodules, polyps, palsy, cancer, etc.

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The upper airway extends from the nose to the carina(lower end of trachea).

Laser is a precision instrument which enables bloodless surgery with minimal collateral damage.

Many patients who suffer neurological events like stroke , transient neurological deficits  encounter swallowing difficulties.

Cancer of the larynx constitutes approximately of all cancers.

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Our Voice Clinic also engages itself in the field of vocal hygiene and voice culture for voice professionals. This is the first time in India that a specialised clinic devoted to Voice disorders has been established, having all the ultramodern diagnostic and treatment facilities under one roof. The clinic treats the patients with team having voice surgeon, voice therapist, neurologist, psychiatrist and other required specialities.


The LVA is a scientific society established to promote the concept and application of a Voice Clinic for the benefits of the general public.
LVA is an umbrella association, which has a team of medical experts in different specialties like Otolaryngology, Oncology, Anesthesia, Voice therapy along with expert councilors for Voice professionals.